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  • Learn what we discovered about Cold Calling with this research.

    Learn what we discovered about Cold Calling with this research.

  • Try a free sales force grader to see where your salespeople stack up.
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What Braveheart Brings to the table…

Enhance your sales team with Braveheart’s proven offerings

Sales Team Evaluations

1We use the world’s #1 sales team evaluation tools, which have been used to evaluate more than 500,000 sales professionals over a 20 year period.

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Sales Skills Development

2We use a blended learning approach combining live group interactions, companion web-based reinforcement material customized for the individual, and one-on-one coaching to produce superior sales skills development.

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Sales Team Recruitment

3Sales professionals are some of the most difficult hires to make. Using the Sales Talent Acquisition Routine you’ll learn which candidates can sell and actually will sell.

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Sales Management Outsourcing

4We work directly with business owners in a variety of ways to meet the specific need for sales management.

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Braveheart Sales helps increase your sales performance


We help your sales team become courageous warriors in the selling profession. In the process, we help your company improve sales productivity and effectiveness.

  • Is your sales team performing to expectations? If not, do you know why?
  • Do all your salespeople possess the 21 core competencies of a stellar salesperson?
  • Can your sales team compete effectively against the industry giants?
  • Are you getting your share of the market?
These are just a few of the questions we help you answer. Better yet, after answering these questions, we make actionable recommendations to boost revenue and profitability. We even calculate the increased revenue expected from making the recommended improvements.
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