We frequently get asked “Why the name Braveheart?” Here is the story.

I have owned a couple other businesses, but none that had appropriate names for what we wanted to accomplish with this business. When the business was formed, we immediately had a need to produce a proposal for a potential client. We needed to form the business first, and we needed a name. Our attorney persuaded me not to use any personal names and another friend and mentor also insisted that one should never put her name in the business name. Our attorney urged us to use my Scottish heritage.

So we ran through some possibilities:

• Tartan
• McDonald
• McClanahan (no, that’s my grandmother’s name)
• Golf
• Braveheart

Braveheart. That’s it. Seriously? Could we actually use a name that had been popularized by a movie for the company? We searched for the URL. It was available. So the creative juices started flowing. Visions of what the Scots’ historical fight represented and what the movie characters were fighting for resonated. They were fighting for freedom.

Isn’t that what we all are fighting for every day? Think about the freedoms available to companies that can execute well on their sales plans. Think about the freedoms afforded a salesperson who consistently produces and is compensated for doing so. Think about the freedom that CEOs realize when their sales teams are well-oiled machines and continue to grow their company’s market share and influence. In my mind, the name fit.

We searched the dictionary for a definition, and none existed. We were free to create our own definition.


This is why the company is named Braveheart Sales Performance and that is exactly what we believe the best salespeople are . . . Bravehearts. We want to help all salespeople execute as Braveheart warriors. We want to help them develop the courage to execute at a higher level for the good of themselves, their companies, and their clients. And, we want all salespeople, sales leaders, and CEOs to enjoy the freedoms that accompany the Braveheart spirit.

If you have a Braveheart story of your own, please share it in the comments!

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