Braveheart Sales Performance
Understands the Security Industry

Serving Security Alarm, System Integrators, Manufacturers and Distributors

We have a particular love for and understanding of the Security Alarm Industry. Our founder, Gretchen Gordon, was a longtime lender to the industry prior to founding Braveheart Sales Performance, so has an in-depth understanding of the metrics important to the industry and realizes the essential need for effective sales teams. She also owned a PERS franchise so has a grasp of the important factors impacting success in that niche of the industry as well.  Click here to learn more.

Services for the Security Industry

  • Sales Organization Analysis
    Diagnose the issues preventing sales excellence with data-driven precision, before deciding on a course of improvement.  This holistic approach will take into consideration each individual as well as your overall sales environment and will calculate how much more revenue your sales team can generate.  Having a custom-tailored precise course of action for sales improvement can lower customer creation costs and improve attrition rates.
  • Sales and Sales Leadership Training and Development
    Help your sales team improve their skills forever, to increase your revenue and profitability.  Positively impact your attrition rate by treating inside salespeople as true professional salespeople and teach your customer service personnel to effectively deal with moves and cancellations to retain customers and even obtain referrals. 
  • Sales Talent Acquisition
    With a 95% predictive validity rating, we can help upgrade your sales team through proven recruitment and hiring practices to eliminate the high cost of making poor hiring decisions.  Salespeople that perform at a higher level will help reduce customer creation costs and attrition rates.  The cost of a poor performing salesperson is reported to be 3x to 5x their annual compensation.  Due to the contract nature of the security industry, your cost is probably on the high side due to lost opportunities.
  • SecuritySalesPro
    Braveheart has developed a proven process to help individuals in the security industry execute at their highest level whether they be sales team leaders or salespeople through our SecuritySalesPro package of services.  Braveheart has focused on the security industry since its founding in 2009, but we have never provided services in an efficient manner to individuals and small teams in the industry UNTIL NOW.  Through targeted research of what independent security dealers need, and with the help of technology we can now deliver security specific services to help individuals and small companies excel in sales with our tailored SecuritySalesPro packages.

Braveheart/ESA Deal Inked.  Click here to read the Press Release.

“Braveheart has been a huge factor in our growth and success over the past three years. Braveheart’s tools are so precise in helping us hire effectively, and their programs help me lead and coach my team more efficiently. I would strongly recommend any sales director or manager to take advantage of their expertise and services.”

-Colby Forrest Director of Sales, Security Associates, Inc.

“Through a variety of efforts, we have increased both the average installation revenue per rep and the average RMR sold per rep considerably over last year. Braveheart has helped us upgrade our sales team to achieve this improved efficiency and increased effectiveness.”

-Brian Duffy, Per Mar Security

“Braveheart Sales Performance helped us institute a more structured approach to our sales team hiring, which has produced outstanding results. I highly recommend their approach if you want to eliminate bad hires in your sales organization.”

-Larry Halpern, Safe Systems

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