Maximizing Sales Effectiveness with
Equity Investors’ Portfolio Companies

Braveheart Sales Performance Takes a Data-driven, Holistic Approach, with an ROI focus.

While it’s important to get your portfolio companies generating sales, it may be difficult to really know how much more effective a team could be, or even if we have the right people in the right places to achieve the sales goals that are set in motion.   Our data-driven process not only answers these questions, but also helps close any gaps within your sales environment that may be holding up the speed at which a company can grow its sales.  We can accurately calculate the upside potential of the team and the team members and every action we recommend will be based on achieving an acceptable ROI.

Symptoms your portfolio companies may be experiencing …

  • Frustrated by insufficient revenue growth
  • Not owning your fair share of the market place
  • Poor closing ratios
  • Inability to close deals
  • Unpredictable pipelines

HOW does this process work?  Great question! 

Step 1: We start with a deep dive analysis that will look under the hood to see what’s going on in a specific sales environment

Step 2: The sales team completes a custom tailored assessment that captures data we will use to provide the analysis

Step 3: Braveheart will present a detailed Sales Effectiveness and Improvement AnalysisTM answering a battery of questions including: Can we be more effective?  How much more effective can we be?  What will it take to accomplish that? & How long will it take to accomplish that?  At this time we can help the CEO understand what needs to happen, help prioritize what is most important and help execute on the recommended plan of action.

And more importantly, HOW LONG does it take?

Minimal time is required from the sales team, while Braveheart does all of the heavy lifting.  Within a 3-week period, we will be able to provide our recommendations based upon what we learn from your team.


Sales Department Organization Intake

To include sales team organizational chart & historical revenues for each team member (past 12 months)

Announce to the Sales Team they have 1 week to complete the assessment

OPTIONS – Braveheart to provide email announcement with link to the assessment, OR Braveheart can present to your team in person or via phone in a sales meeting 

Completion of the Assessment Braveheart to present Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) findings with actionable recommendations
Exec Admin or Sales Management Executive Management Sales Department Team Members Executive Management
 10 min  5 min  45 min  3 hours

Recommended actions as a result of the deep-dive analysis could include


  • Key Account Development
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Territory Management
  • Sales process map creation
  • Field Visits with Sales Reps
  • Pipeline Calls
  • Sales Training & Coaching


  • Integration of Sales + Marketing
  • Industry Specific Market Drivers
  • Streamlining Sales with Overall Business Strategy
  • Employee & Customer Engagement Metrics
  • Producing Annual or Quarterly Sales Meetings
  • Incentive Compensation Plan Design
  • Infrastructure and Metrics Consulting
  • Integration of sales process with CRM


  • Outsourced Sales Management
  • Sales Leadership Skill Building
  • Sales Coaching and Accountability


  • Mitigate your risk with our 92% Predictive Validity rated hiring process for sales candidates.
  • Sales New Hire Playbook Creation
  • Candidate Screening and Interviewing

“Businesses in the USA spend close to $72 Billion each year on recruiting services & products, yet 46% of hires fail within the first 18 months”

– Forbes Magazine

Gretchen Gordon is a sought-after speaker for audiences of investors and owners to help them transform their sales organizations.


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