Build Money Discussion Confidence for Selling Value

Build Money Discussion Confidence for Selling Value

Can salespeople, especially those money-motivated folks who work on commission, be uncomfortable discussing money? Who would think it possible? Well, the truth is that more than a majority of all salespeople, across all types of sales roles and from nearly every part of the globe, are not comfortable discussing money. And roughly the same percentage of the selling population have difficulty selling value.

Hard to believe? The Objective Management Group’s data on about 687,000 salespeople is proof. It shows that 60% are not comfortable discussing money and 60% are not competent selling value. It’s certainly a large percentage of the selling […]

Consultative Selling Requires This Critical Skill

When one loves to explore data and has access to a huge database of salespeople over 685,000 strong, what happens? Well, for me, I can’t help myself. I frequently analyze elements from that database. Recently, I went mining for insights on consultative selling.

I discovered something that somewhat surprised me, but upon reflection makes sense. Two-thirds (or 68% to be exact) of the top 10% of salespeople in this database are proficient at the competency of staying in the moment. And conversely, 64% of all salespeople lack proficiency in this competency which is critical to success in consultative selling.

Here’s why my […]